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Managed Hosting SSD Plans & Pricing

Our WordPress experts move ALL your websites to us
for FREE within 24 hours.*

Personal accounts in the EU are subject to VAT. If you are creating a company account and have a valid EU VAT number, please enter it during the registration process.

* We will move all your websites to us for free. The maximum wait is 24 hours per website. If you have 2 websites we will move them within 48 hours, etc. WPX charges for migration in the following cases. If you want to change your domain name (e.g. domain.com to domain1.com) or If you have made any changes to your website, before the migration (propagation period included) is complete, and we need to migrate those changes.

** A "reasonable use" limit will be applied at the discretion of WPX Hosting. In most cases, the application of a CDN (Content Delivery Network) which we can help configure at no cost, should resolve high bandwidth usage. Contact the WPX Hosting support team for further clarification if needed.

Please note that no hosting company in the world supports the debugging of third party WordPress plugins and/or themes that may affect the performance or uptime of hosting company customers' site/s, if you choose to install those on your website/s. Users install third party plugins and/or themes at their own risk and it is not physically possible for us to debug any problematic themes and/or plugins - that is entirely the responsibility of the plugin/theme developer.