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Part 2 - Saving Time and Money


Welcome to WPX Hosting with Terry Kyle

Part 2


In the second video in the WPX Hosting Welcome Series, Terry Kyle will detail a few more neat features at your disposal that will save you a lot of time and stress! Terry's got even more info here to give your new business the unfair advantage.

Terry will shed some light on a few more important details, such as:


Installing WordPress



Free DDoS Protection


In the next email, Terry will be back for Part 3 of our Welcome Series to talk about our special plugins and tools!

Catch you next time for more!

"I absolutely LOVE WPX Hosting!! Massive speed increase, stunning managed system, and an excellent overall experience with the high-performing server. Customer support has been super fast and fantastic for the few minor troubles I've had"

Mathew Adams (read full review here)
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