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Part 3 - Free Plugins and Tools


Welcome to WPX Hosting with Terry Kyle

Part 3


This is the third video in our WPX Hosting Welcome Series. This time, Terry reveals some of the free Plugins and tools available to our WPX Hosting users! He'll explain what they do and how to use them to get that unfair advantage we mentioned..!

In this video, Terry explains some of our unique plugins and other tools, such as:


WP BotWatch



WP Nav Manager



Free WPX Tools



Intelligence Tool


Next time will be the last. In Part 4 of our Welcome series, Terry will highlight the inherent value in being a WPX Hosting user; everything from the free security features, to the 24/7 super fast support, as well as the massive savings you'll make on our Hosting plans!

See you next time!

"The plan I have at WPX is a fraction of the cost and almost 900% faster than my previous Namecheap plan."

Paul Cheney
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