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Introducing HTTP/2 and what it means for you!

HTTP/2 is here!

WPX Hosting is delighted to announce the introduction of HTTP/2 to our system. This is an important step forward in our commitment to excellence in the service we provide to you and our customers.

In short, HTTP/2 is an improved version of the old protocol; there are only benefits to be had from using it, so we recommend HTTP/2 if you want a faster site.

WPX takes care of almost everything, all you need to do is install your free (and automated) SSL Certificate and activate the Redirect.

In this article, we will explain what this change means for you and your business, how to activate HTTP/2, and how you will benefit from it.

What is HTTP?

HTTP, or Hypertext Transfer Protocol, is the foundation of communicating information over the Internet and has steadily evolved since the early 1990s. Essentially, HTTP is an application that allows for a standardised transfer of information over the Internet, where you can conduct your online business.

Contemporary websites are very different from how they were when HTTP1.1 came in 1999; websites are now so much more visually engaging and interactive. The first revision of web protocol in over 15 years has now arrived with HTTP/2!

It’s worth mentioning that WPX Hosting is already ahead of the curve and is the one of the very few hosting services to adopt the benefits of the new HTTP/2!

We have already implemented this new version and integrated it into our servers. Around the world, servers are gradually being updated to work in HTTP/2.




What do I need to do?

The only thing you need to do to benefit from HTTP/2 is to install your free SSL Certificate!

We have unlimited free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates and installation is simple; we have a walkthrough here to show you how quick and easy installation is.

Once your SSL Certificate is installed, make sure the you tick the ‘Redirect All Non-SSL Requests To’ box (as seen below) and you will be automatically upgraded to HTTP/2! There is nothing else you need to do to start HTTP/2.


Tick the Redirect Box


How is HTTP/2 better?

This new protocol is here to make web browsing even easier and faster. HTTP/2 is finally able to make full use of the latest developments in IT from over the past 16 years that HTTP1.1 could not.

HTTP/2 is focused on performance, particularly user-end and comes with many advantages, in short:

• It is highly compatible with the previous HTTP1.1.
• The new HTTP/2 sends information ahead of time and prioritises information to speed up page loading.
HTTP/2 is also going to improve site speeds through data compression and by stacking packs of information simultaneously.


Speed Test with HTTP/2


There are only advantages to using HTTP/2; this new protocol benefits both you and WPX! Your websites will not undergo any change or need any repairs since you’re hosting with us.

This whole changeover to HTTP/2 is completely free as well and you will not have to handle anything technical, we’ll take care of it for you.

How will this affect me?

As a business owner, it’s good to know that the introduction of HTTP/2 will not interfere with your online experience at all; it is not a ground-up rewrite of HTTP.

This means that any of your existing websites (hosted elsewhere) will not be affected negatively by this new upgrade. You will not see any visual changes and HTTP/2’s efficiency and speed will only benefit its users.

We have already made the switch to HTTP/2 since there are many advantages to working with this new protocol over the previous version; Your WPX Hosted sites will feel the difference:

• HTTP/2 sends web page information ahead of time, instead of waiting for additional requests, which means that your customers will be experiencing much faster load times across any and all of your sites.
• HTTP/2 also improves itself over its former version by multiplexing requests to avoid a build-up of data so that your customer’s requests and orders can be carried out much faster.
• Using HTTP/2 will utilise bandwidth more efficiently, which was not the case before.
• HTTP/2 also prioritises requests, retrieving the most useful information first. This means that your customers aren’t going to be left around waiting and will have a much more satisfying experience on your website.
• HTTP/2 is backwards compatible and supports existing use of HTTP, from desktop browsers, mobile web browsers, firewalls, proxy servers and more. Your customers will not need to make any upgrades themselves to benefit from your HTTP/2-powered services.
• The changeover to HTTP/2 is completely free and will not cost any of your time or money! All the technical work is being handled by us at WPX.


How does this influence WPX?

We offer you the technology to make your websites run more smoothly so your business can run more efficiently.

Of course, since the benefits of HTTP/2 are affecting not only your business but ours too, this means that our service to you will improve as well! We will be able to provide even faster services and support to you and keep your business in better shape in 2017!

This standardisation is already being supported by the likes of Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera as well as Edge. Your customers will not be left behind in this changeover; customers using your online services will feel the same benefits as you do while hosting with WPX’s HTTP/2 powered servers.

We will have your domains ready sooner and you can get on with running your business!


If you are curious about HTTP/2, or need help with your SSL Certificate, don’t hesitate to raise a support ticket with us here:


and we'll answer asap!

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