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How to Access your Free WPX Webmail Account


If you wish, you can use a free Webmail account for handling your email.

First, you should add a new email under the E-mail Boxes (1) tab on the left-hand side of the Dashboard. Then click on Add E-Mail Box (2) and a menu will appear.
Set your email account details in the empty fields.

Follow the instructions to add a new email box


The password for the Email Box can be one of your choosing or automatically generated. If you wish your password to be automatically generated, press the blue button Generate Password.
Do not forget to copy your password (you can use the button Copy Password for that) before you Submit(3) your Email Box.

With your new Email box ready, you will see a new button! Click on Webmail Client (4) to open your WPX Webmail;

Access your Webmail here

That's it! Your Webmail Client is now ready!

After setting up Webmail, you should make sure to check the email inbox (of the email that you used to register with us) for your email settings.

That email is where you will find, and should make a safe copy of, your Webmail login username AND your Webmail link;

NOTE: If you use Google Apps for your email, we wil need to manually change your MX records, so please let us know via a support ticket and we will fix that for you quickly.

If you get stuck, please raise a support ticket here:


and we will answer ASAP.


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