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Adding a Developer as a Contact

If you want to allow a developer to make changes and help run your website, you can add them as a contact via your Hosting Dashboard.

To add a developer as a contact, first you must login to your WPX account and then go to My Account (1) Manage Contacts (2), as seen below:

Find Manage Contacts under My Services

After clicking on Manage Contacts, you will arrive on a new page, like this one below:

Select Add New Contact

From this screen, select Add New Contact and you will be taken to a form. Fill in the contact’s personal details in the required fields, as seen below:

Fill in the Contact Details form

There are two different Account Types:

1. Personal: This is a personal type of contact for only 1 user with default informational fields.

2. Organization: You can choose this option if you are providing access to organisation with a Name and VAT Number.

All the other values (i.e. Country, State, City, Postal Code, Phone, First Name, Last Name, Password, Email and Address) are required for contact registration.

After you have completed the Contact Details forum, you will be asked to set this contact’s privileges. In other words, how much access you wish to grant your new contact:

Set the new contact's privileges

To make things easier, we have added a few pre-made privileges with predefined settings. These defaults will cover the most common Contact types;

Full Privileges: The contact has full access to the account and services just like the owner of the account.

Accounting: The contact can receive billing notifications, with the ability to pay invoices, place orders, view the current balance, and edit Credit Card details.

Technical Staff: If you are planning to add ad developer to the site this option will be the best one for you. Basically, the Technical Staff template will allow the contact to access website files and databases so that the developer can upload/edit any updated content which is assigned to them.

The default templates seen above have predefined settings, if you wish to add additional access and privileges you can select or edit them at any time.

The developer will be able to open new tickets, receive email notifications, and view the current tickets but if you just want him to have access to the files and databases of the site, then you can select only the privileges for Databases and File Manager.

If you have any questions about adding a contact or the contact types above, please reach out to us via a support ticket here:


And we’ll get back to you asap!

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