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Automatic Domain Renewal

If you buy a domain from WPX Hosting, Auto Renew will be enabled by default. When your domain is nearing its expiration date, you will receive automatic system emails to remind you.

These reminder emails will arrive in 10-day intervals (50, 40, 30, 20, and 10 days ahead), with the final reminder email arriving 5 days before the renewal date.

To find out more about Domain renewal, as well as what happens after expiration, read this article.

What is Auto Renewal?

Our unique Automatic Domain Renewal simplifies the domain renewal process and works like this;

  1. Seven (7) days before domain expiry, an invoice will automatically be sent to you,
  2. The invoice will be paid automatically only if you have either a Credit Card saved with us or account credit,
  3. If you are using PayPal or have not registered a credit card however, payment must be done manually,
  4. If you cancel Auto Renew after the invoice has already been created, the invoice will not be cancelled. Please contact our Support Team to do this for you.

If you do not want to renew your domain, please disable Auto Renew 8 days prior to your renewal date at the very latest (to avoid receiving a pro forma invoice)! If Auto Renew is not disabled in time and a pro forma invoice has already been created, disabling Auto Renew will only prevent future invoices.

How do I control Auto Renew?

Here is a guide to demonstrate how to set Automatic Domain Renewal on (or off).

First, log in to your WPX account and from your Dashboard, click on Domains, as shown below;

From My Services, go to Domains

In the Domains menu, you will see your WPX domains listed. Click on the Settings icon (1) and a drop-down menu will appear. You will see the Auto Renew and Add Years/Renew options here but for now, click on Manage Domain (2);

Access Domain settings from this page

In the Domain Details menu (3), you will see Auto Renew at the bottom of the first section; click on Auto-Renewal Options (4);

Access Auto Renewal Options here

This is the Auto Renew menu, here you will see a brief explanation of domain renewal and expiration as well as the On/Off selection at the bottom.

Set Auto Renew to On and click Save Changes (5) when you’re done;

Set Auto Renew 'On'

That’s it!
Your domain will now send a renewal invoice automatically. Remember, if you have sufficient funds in your account balance, or a Credit Card on record, your invoice will be marked as Paid.

If you have any question about domain renewal, or are not sure how to find the Auto Renew menu, please raise a support ticket with us here:


And we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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