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Can I Send Bulk Emails From My WPX Hosting Account?


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No, you cannot and should not send bulk email from your WPX Hosting account, for several important reasons:

1. Perfectly good bulk emailing services already exist on the Web, e.g. AWeber, Mailchimp, Sendgrid, Convertkit, GetResponse, Drip etc.

Prices for these services are very reasonable. 

Dedicated servers on exclusive IPs are also an option.

2. Just one hosting customer using our service for bulk emailing can get our main IPs blacklisted, banned from future Gmail acceptance, and generally screw up our IPs for all other users on that same IP.

Please do NOT be that guy.

As a hosting company, we must always prioritize the interests of all our users as a whole over the specific needs of an individual user.

If the actions of one individual jeopardize the integrity of our service for all other users, we have no choice but to close that individual user's account with us.

3. We are a hosting company, not a bulk email company, and WP hosting services like WPEngine and Websynthesis don't even offer email at all.

We offer email as a free service but for normal email use only, not bulk emailing.

4. Even when email subscribers have willingly opted into an email list, over time, some can forget that they opted in and complain when they receive future emails.

Those complaints can have terrible consequences for our IPs, as well as your business.

5. On our free email service, we allow a maximum of 50 emails to be sent in the space of 30 minutes. Should you need to send more emails than this, please refer to the many reasonably priced dedicated services above e.g. GetResponse, Convertkit etc.

If any aspect of our bulk emailing policy is unclear, please raise a ticket with us here:

https://wpxhosting.com/tickets/new/ and we will clarify any misunderstandings.

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