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How to Set Up Email Forwarding


You can set up forwarding to multiple email addresses via your hosting panel.

First, you must access your hosting panel Dashboard, which you can do by logging in to our website and then going
to My Services → WordPress Hosting (1)Manage all Sites in this Account.

Once you are in the Dashboard of your hosting account (as seen below), go to the E-mail Boxes (2) tab on the left-hand side and select Settings (3) to the right of your existing WPX email acount;

Find your Email under My Account

A pop-up menu will then appear and you will see the Forward E-mails To field. You can enter multiple email accounts in this field, which
you will need to separete by pressing the Enter key;

Select the email addresses to forward

Once you have entered the email addresses you wish to forward to, click Submit and that's it!

If you run into any trouble or get stuck, please raise a support ticket here:


And we'll get back to you asap!

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