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Does WPX Hosting use cPanel or another Admin Platform

Our Hosting Panel contains many of the main functions of cPanel but in a much more usable, navigable and
technically superior format, e.g. full domain buying integration, unlike cPanel.

cPanel also significantly slows the performance of servers on which it is installed and our core hosting philosophy is about high-speed page loading and in this respect, cPanel is not compatible with our goals.

Below are a series of screenshots of the main Hosting Panel pages of our platform. You will see the same menus in your own account, though with some minor individual differences.

Here is the primary Service Details page, covering basic, but essential, details:

 The Main Menu of our Hosting Panel

Here is the Websites/SSL page, in which you can view Domain settings and install SSL Certificates:

Access Domain settings from this page

In the Databases menu, you can view important details related to each websites' databases:

Access Database info from this menu

You can access your E-mail boxes and settings from this menu:

Access your Email Boxes here

Find your FTP Users details from this menu:

Access FTP details here

You can view and Edit DNS settings from this menu:

Simple DNS Zone editing here

You can also access our File Manager from here:

Access your File Manager here

For more information about your File Manager, see our article here.

Our nifty Backup Manager can be accessed from this menu:

Find your Backup Manager under your Hosting Panel menu

If you'd like to learn more about your manual Backup feature, see our article here.

If at any point you have questions or are trying to find something in your Hosting Panel, simply raise a support ticket with us here:


and we'll answer ASAP.

"At that price you will not find a better web host offering those features"

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