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How To Install WordPress with One Click

Installing WordPress on a new website is very simple and can be done with just a few clicks!

We have simplified the installation process for WordPress via our Hosting Panel.

To start, you must first log in to your hosting account. From your main Dashboard, select My Services (1) → WordPress
Hosting (2) →
Manage All Sites in this Account (3);

Access your Hosting Panel via My Services

Now that you're in the Hosting Panel, select the Websites/SSL (4) tab in the left menu.

In this section, you can oversee, manage, and add new websites to your WPX account. To install WordPress on one of your
websites, click on the Install WP (5) button to the right of the website in question;

Select Websites/SSL on the left

Once you have clicked on the Install WP button, a pop-up will appear;

Install WordPress pop-up

Click on Instal WordPress on Website (6) and fill in your website and account details in the drop-down menu. Once
the fields are filled, click on Deploy WordPress (7) to complete the installation;

Fill in the Admin Details form

That's it! WordPress has officially been installed!

Note: When you add a website to your hosting panel, a database is automatically created for that website.


If you run into trouble and get stuck, please raise a support ticket here:


and we will reply ASAP.

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