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I want my website SSL enabled with Let's Encrypt – how do I do that?

In the following article we will describe on how to enable SSL here at our web hosting service and few very simple steps.

1. Login with your WPX account details and navigate to Manage all sites in this account.

How to enable SSL

2. Once you’ve reached the Dashboard for your account we’ll need to reach the websites wizard
tool in order to enable the SSL option for the desired website.

At the moment the SSL certificate should be enabled by default for every newly added website. Therfore if you see the green padlock next to your website, you can miss this step.

How to enable SSL
Note: You should receive a similar message stating:

“testtest.com has now been enabled for SSL certification. The NEXT STEP is to choose
which type of SSL certificate you would like from the "SSL" dropdown menu on this page
after closing this box.”

3. Now that you have enabled the website SSL option we need to generate the Free SSL
certificate in one simple step like that(in this tutorial we’ll use the free SSL although you can use
your commercial certificate if you have one):

How to enable SSL
And you should see this window popping up:

How to enable SSL

 So what's next now?


You would probably encounter an issue with Mixed Content which means that you'll need to install Really Simple SSL and activate the plugin, the rest is done automatically by the plugin itself for you.

If you are using CloudFlare, please check the following article: How to configure my already added website with CloudFlare?

If you get stuck at any point, please write us back as soon as possible so we can support you:




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